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We have all been here right?  We decided to finally get the word out so we can get some work done...where are you 10 mil?

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Todd Bury
My favorite shirt!

Bought the same shirt from Drop em Wear in the late 90's and wore it to all the truck show. Was nostalgic last week and looked up to see if Drop em was still around, pleased to see they are still here and supporting the Truck scene, so ordered another Stock Sucks shirt as my old one wore out a long time ago (plus had to get a couple of other designs)! The new black design is a lot cooler than the old white ones which were impossible to keep looking clean when you have lowered trucks! Mini Truckin is not Dead (even if we are in our 50's now)!

WOW!! Thank you for such an awesome review!
Yes (some of us) are in our 50's now, we both are, and we will never stop supporting the truck scene. Just started our 29th year..and we're just getting started

Thank you so much for your order, welcome back!
also thank you for supporting small business ~JEN

Mark Neese
Flannel tumbler and hat pin

All three was packaged and shipped so quick. And the quality of their products are amazing. If it fits it ships. Get over and check out some of their products. Great people to deal with 💯

D Cook
Killer shirt

Stock does suck ya know!

Olivia Hammons
Must Have!!

Loving the colors on this. Classic!!

We revamped this one and it’s one of our favorites too :) ~Jen

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